Family Poems Verses Quotes, free, online and printable. Live - Love - Laugh !: A sweet poem from a dear cousin sister

Poem Cousin Sister

I look up to you! You're the one I dream of being just like! But you are my cousin! But like an older sister! This poem was written/submitted by Peddy.

Almost any poem or verse can be adapted for a relative by adding sister, mom , father, dad, grandpa, grandma, son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin,

A cousin is a sister you never had 18-Jul-06. A cousin sees the first tear, catches the second, and stops the third. 19-Dec-10

This is a great poem if you and your cousin grew up together...Remember, you can use any of the "sister" poems for your cousin by personalizing it to say

Family Love Poems - You are my favorite cousin in the whole wide world, I love this poem. I'm sending this poem to my cousin. It's so cute!

Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge! My Little Cousin. Let me tell you about my little cousin, she 14 going on 23, she looks so grown, that when we go places,

13 Jul 2010 Birthday Poems & Inspirational Poems, Motivational Poetry : The Poem called BELOVED COUSIN, SISTER, FRIEND.-birthday by Gail P. Kay,

This page contains everyday speciality cards and poems for the family members such as daughter, son, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, cousin, stepmother, stepfather,

26 Mar 2002 Good-hearted people like you are a rare find / and that's why I'm glad you are a cousin of mine. / Copyright by Judith Pleasant - 2/22.2002.

15 Feb 2006 I love this poem so much, We lost a Cousin, Mother, Sister and Friend on March 19th, 2010 at 9:10PM to a stroke and it was one of the

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Artist Notes: Will you be my poem design is available to ask bridesmaids ( general, friend, best friend, cousin, sister, sil, future sil), maid and matron of

My sister/cousin - When i cry. Comments of this poem (0). No comments. Please, comment this poem. Post your comments and praises as well as critique but

Cousin poetry. Synonyms cousin. 1160, from O.Fr. cosin, from L. consobrinus "mother's sister's child," from com- "together" + sobrinus (earlier

A symbolic cousin (for my cousin on her 21st birthday) by; Poems aunt uncle cousin : sister poems images, pics, photos; poems of my cousin, ura may

Joined Souls. I will, I can, I do. I wished upon a shooting star. Wedding Poems : For Bridal Party Members; Thank You!. My Cousin, My Sister.

17 Nov 2007 But you are my cousin ! But like an older sister! This poem was My sister/ cousin - When i cry. Graduation Poems ยท Famous Poems

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